illustrated dates

A Datillum is an illustrated date. Words or abstract numbers are harder to remember than images, that is why it is often difficult to remember historical dates.

The Datillum publications give an overview of different topics and help portray history in a way never seen before.


The basis is a year date and its remark­able event, e.g. 1886 – the first car is being built. By integrating the date into an illustration it is possible  to add meaning to the numbers and therefore allows the date to be recognised and remembered as part of the illustration.

Numeral Font

The font has a variety of alternates to fit into all motivs, whilst following the same typographic concept.


With the rubberband binding, the spine can be switched and the leporello can be read on both sides. That way the reader decides on his own how deep to get into a topic. By removing the rubberband, the book can be opened fully to see the whole overview of the history.

Zahlen erzählen Geschichte –Wien

The first Book about the history of Vienna, was publishedin cooperation with the WIEN MUSEUM and METROVERLAG.


To remember personal dates, the Datillum-App provides a modular system that combines them with common knowledge. Beside the quiz, there’s the possibility to “datillize” pincodes and numerical combinations and choose a style for them.


The Datillums were tested on two focus groups (children aged 10-11) on two separate days. The result: on the second day nearly twice as many Datillums were recalled
than non-illustrated dates.

With Datillum – illustrated dates Judith Kroisleitner and Kathrin Heimel were honoured with:
CCA Rookie of the Year 2015
ADC Newcomer Award Silver
Campus Award – das Jahr der Werbung – Nominee
Joseph Binder Symposium– Speaker
Auf den ersten Blick. Junge Illustration aus Wien Exhibition at Wien Museum